Web Traffic Fast with PPC Management

Do you want more sales and want them fast? “Pay Per Click” (PPC) advertising offers you quick and direct access to new customers who are already looking for what you provide. And the advantage is that you only pay when they actually visit your website. At Colorful SEO, we will help you achieve the most cost-effective PPC campaign so that your return on investment will be evident. PPC is a quick way to get instant exposure and can be very profitable if done right. Let our PPC professionals help you set up and manage your PPC campaigns. If your campaign is set up and consistently run well, not only will Google reward you with lower cost per click, but you will effectively increase your exposure to potential customers.

Google Engage Program for New PPC Accounts!

Google Engage for Agencies Colorful SEO

Colorful SEO is an official Google Engage agency. This means that if you are new to Google Adwords, you will have direct access to Google through Colorful SEO’s “My Client Center” or MCC. Colorful SEO and Google representatives alike will be there to hold your hand as we set up your first PPC campaigns and Google Engage reps will even stick with your account for the first few months to give you tips and optimize the keyword campaigns. This is included at no extra cost. As an official Google Engage agency, we are proud to provide you this first class service. Both Colorful SEO and Google want your campaign to be successful and we are here to help in every step of the way.

Google Adwords Campaign Management Cost

Google Adwords is by far the most popular choice for PPC advertisers. We also offer facebook ad campaign management. Please see our social media page for more details. We have two simple pricing guidelines for PPC due to the specific set up and management methods involved with PPC and we have outlined them below. Just remember that one hour of time spent by one of our Adwords-Certified Professionals can easily be 3 – 4 times more effective than you setting it up on your own. Also, keep in mind that our prices do not include the varying click costs on Google’s network, which can range from $0.10 per click to over $50 per click depending on the competition for the keywords you will be targeting.
To make things simple, there are two plans you can choose from:




Keywords Researched/Tested

up to 500

up to 3,000

Ads Created/Modified per Month

up to 20

up to 50

Monthly Time Spent Optimizing Campaign

up to 10 hours

up to 20 hours

One Time Setup Fee



Monthly Management Fee



PPC Management Timeline:

As a PPC campaign runs for a longer time, it becomes more effective and we are able to determine and hone in on the highest converting ads and keywords over time. As time goes on, Google increases your Quality Score which in-turn decreases your CPC and you get more clicks for less money. This is why we recommend that you plan on running your PPC campaign for at least 90 days to reveal its true potential.
PPC is a the fastest way to get people who are looking for what you have on your site, to your site. Besides organic search marketing through SEO, PPC is the most effective way to bring qualified customers to your site.