Invest in the future of your business with [SEO]

How much does an external hard drive cost? How often should I change my oil? Who just won the Superbowl? Can dogs eat vegetables? Well, Google it! Everyone else does. And they eventually find the answers. We help people find the answers they are looking for and the products they are seeking by optimizing your website. When you optimize your website to provide industry-related answers, Google and all the other search engines will like you. And they will reward you by making you visible. This is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. As the internet becomes more and more popular for as a search tool, it will become more and more crucial to make sure your website is on page one for the search terms that will bring your potential clients to you.
The slightest improvements in your website’s rank can yield significant results to your website traffic. The following chart (from a study conducted by Optify in December, 2010), shows just how much of a difference your website’s rank can make in the click through rate of your potential customers:

SERP Clicking Behavior for page one of Google

This data shows that the first ten results on Google received an unbelievable 89% of all click-through traffic. What this means is that if your website is not on the first page of a Google search, nearly 90% of potential buyers will not find you.

What is involved in an SEO campaign?

This will completely depend on your goals as a business. We cater to those goals and help you accomplish them by drawing traffic to your site. There isn’t just one magic button to push for an effective SEO strategy. However, there are basic elements required no matter who provides your SEO services:
1. On-site Optimization. Even websites that are seemingly “perfect” can use a minor/major touch-up from an SEO professional to improve its SEO results. From the background source code to how aesthetics can affect the way Google crawls your site, we will ensure that your site is fully optimized. We include Full-Spectrum on-site optimization for all of our clients, no matter how much you pay for your service.
2. Content Management and Blog Strategy. When all is said and done, content is king. Google will eventually reward the website with the best content with the highest ranking. That is their goal – to get users to the most relevant information, as fast as possible. Once your website is optimized for the Google spider to crawl with ease, you MUST begin (or continue) to build site depth. The more questions you can answer that people are asking, the better. Especially when those questions are industry related. If you are serious about your business being around for a while on the internet, there is no question that you need a long-term blog strategy.
3. Link Building. Together with content building and management, link building will set you apart from the competitors. You must be very cautious when pointing links to your site. In years past, you could point any links from any site and your rank would improve. Not today. Done correctly, the results of link building will boost your rank and last for years to come. Done incorrectly, the results of link building can completely de-index your website from major search engines – making you virtually invisible to the searchers who would otherwise become potential clients.
4. Keyword/Competitor Research.  This involves sifting through thousands of search results on the internet to discover how people are searching for your services/products and how to get their attention on you instead of your competitors.
5. SEO “Evolution Management”.  Google changes its algorithm on average 2 times every day, along with other major search engines. Our colorful geek squad is on top of the most recent updates and constantly seeking out the latest and greatest news and updates in the SEO and tech world. If there is something that we think is going to effect your website, we will tell you the moment we know.

How much do SEO campaigns cost?

We price our SEO campaigns on a project by project basis depending on the competitiveness of the targeted keywords.  We like to give our clients the flexibility of paying either a flat project amount or a flat monthly fee.  Both of these payment options are based on our hourly rate of between $75 – $100 depending on what the project requires. Our basic campaigns start at $500 a month and include a minimum of 5 hours of work per month doing the tasks mentioned above. Most small businesses who are targeting local customers should budget between $400 – $1000 to see optimal results. Larger companies or ones that target broad demographics or more competitive or national keywords should expect to budget more to see similar results. Please see our general pricing guide below. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require long-term contracts and we provide a guaranteed deadline for achieving first page ranking on Google for most keywords or we will continue the SEO campaign free of charge until the agreed upon results are reached.
SEO Pricing Guide
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What about Google Places/Maps listings?

When searching for local businesses, Google often ranks businesses with Places/Maps listings above normal website listings. If you are a local business, ranking well in Google Maps is a vital part of your SEO.  We offer SEO services specific to Google Maps starting at $500 that can drastically improve your local business ranking. It is important to note that your website SEO and online reviews greatly influence your Google Places/Maps ranking. In order to get the best results, we strongly recommend you combine these services. To find out more about local SEO for Google Places/Maps visit our Google Places Optimization page.