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Colorful SEO Consulting and Training Services

We know that all businesses are different with different needs. Some prefer to hire us to be their SEO guru and take over every aspect of their web presence. Other businesses have a marketing department and a marketing director who they would like to educate. We are happy to train and educate your business’ marketing team so that they can be experts in your SEO. We will inform you of our best practices and help them to help you to stay at the top of the rankings. This not only builds the value of your marketing team, but it will build your business as your rankings increase. We can train you in the following:

  • Keyword Research is the most important place to start. In most cases there is no reason to rank for a keyword if it isn’t going to bring you significant traffic. We will show you the best tools to use to streamline this process. What has search volume? How does my site rank for a keyword already? How do I know how competitive a keyword is organically?
  • Google Analytics installation and data analysis (including web master tools integration)
  • On site SEO factors and your business website’s “health” (how much does Google like you and how can you improve that?).
  • Off site SEO (over 200 factors go into Google’s search algorithm, what are the best ways to accumulate links, maintain )
  • Content Marketing (how to create content partnerships with industry related businesses to build your rank with links and content)
  • Social Media set up, strategy and maintenance¬†– how to build and leverage your social audience and increase the social signal to your blog posts, and your homepage (you can easily beat out your competitors with a stronger social signal).
  • Cutting edge SEO strategies and how to stay up-to-date with what will keep your rank high, long term.
  • Blog Strategy¬†is very important. Content is king. If you have never heard that, just google it and you’ll know how important it is to constantly build relevant content on your website. So how do you optimize this content, and how often do you post about your targeted keywords? How do you link the articles together? What about likes, shares, tweets and pins?
  • Google Adwords (PPC) set up can be very tedious and nerve racking when you know that you are just plugging money into an unknown whole (called Google). Through the Google Engage program, we can hold your hand for the set up and first few months. We are an official Google Engage agency and will help you set this up along with a Google representative.


How much would you have to pay for an online marketing director’s salary? What about benefits and other expenses? If it is not one of the higher salaries of your company, it should be! Needless to say, you are investing a lot in your marketing team. Instead of hiring a new online marketing director, why not train your current staff to know what they need to know and have them doing more for you? Why not build their value by training them to be better and bring you even more online revenue. With that in mind, we start our consulting services at as low as $100 an hour! In a few weeks of training, your marketing team will be empowered and much more valuable and you won’t have to pay another $40K per year (plus benefits) to hire another employee. Just hire us to train your current employees for a few weeks and you’ll save thousands of dollars.

Determine what you need from the list above and we will come up with a package perfectly tailored to your business’ needs, at whatever pace fits your budget. We will meet together for a free initial consultation to determine the best package for you.

*We do not guarantee ranking for our consulting services. Please see details about our ranking guarantee on our SEO services page.